How To Play Baccarat

how to play baccarat

Baccarat will have cards for us. Choose to place bets on 2 sides: the red side is called Banker or the banker’s side and the blue side is called the Player (Player) or the Player’s side. Which we can choose to bet on any side which many people may be wondering Can choose to bet on both sides and then divide the sides. Why do we explain as follows:

• If we choose to bet on the banker’s side, we will have to pay the banker’s water bill, such as placing a bet of 20 baht if the card comes out to win. We will have to pay 7 baht to the dealer. And we got back only 19.3 baht

• But if we play on the player side, we will get the full amount of the bet. There is no deduction of any water bills at all. Often prefer to play on the player’s side because they do not have to pay anything to the dealer. and receive full bets

Baccarat rules that must be understood

• Dealing cards have their own terms. Because in playing, but at that time The dealer will deal cards only to both sides. It is the banker’s side and the player’s side that you can bet on. Each side is dealt 2 cards of the same amount, when that person has already received two cards. That you will be able to get the 3rd card, it is also a condition.

  • Counting the scores of Baccarat is very easy, just because you are. Look at the face of the card that you have received. The number of points of each card corresponds to the face of the card, but if it is A, it counts as 1 point, and if it is in English such as J, Q, K, it counts as 0 points. Anyone who has a point close to 9 Ultimate will win.
  • Deductions in the game can be deducted in two ways. That is, a 5% deduction and no deduction at all. The 5% deduction will occur when you place a bet on the banker’s side. and not deducting money That is, you place a bet on the player’s side.

Baccarat payout ratios and ratios

  • Player predicts Player’s total card points will win, pays 1 : 1

    • Banker predicts Banker’s total card points will win, pays 1: 0.95

    • Tie Game Predict whether the total points of both sides will be drawn. Pays 1: 8

    • Player Pair Predicts that the first two cards of the Player side will be dealt a pair, pays 1: 11

    • Banker Pair Predicts that the first two cards of the Banker side will be dealt. Pair cards pay 1 : 11